“Water that falls slowly pierces a better rock a waterfall.” Greek proverb

Photo cascade

We left Vienna behind us Friday afternoon for less than an hour drive to the north-east, destination Bourgoin, to spend the weekend with my uncle, with aunts, cousin and Viennese who will join us Sunday. Installed at the edge of the pond Rosière, we mix ourselves to Berjalliens on Friday evening at a barbecue, with the hockey team my uncle. Saturday we discover that the bachelor party girl or boy is a widespread tradition in the region. Many marriages in prospect for the summer because we hear a dozen well and crossed four or five on a walk in the downtown pedestrian friendly. Pizza party and music with a friend of Mark that I had helped to create its website (The Spark). July 1, Sunday, jeu a football (on TV !)… Thank you all for this great weekend, Returning next year ? !

30 juin | 7h58

Ducks in Rosiere

30 juin | 7h55

Pond Rosiere

New week, new start, new change of departments and region. We get lost in the Ain and Jura, through lots of small villages, all the more friendly than the other. After a short stretch of road in the Parc du Haut-Jura, where the mist following us, we stop at the edge of the Ain, where the river is wider, to spend the night.

2 juillet | 16h29

Houses of Montreal la Cluse

2 juillet | 16h32

Sculptures Nantua

The sun is back in the morning to guide us to the Cascades du Hérisson (name of a river), after Clairvaux-les-Lacs. Paid parking (4 euros for cars, 6 for motorhomes) lack us to turn, but will add that a few minutes walk : there are free places further ! Past restaurants and camping, the first cascade does perhaps not officially part of the "waterfalls of the Hedgehog" but it descends into a beautiful world of birth decor !

3 juillet | 14h03

Around waterfalls

3 juillet | 14h36

Ronald Girard before the jump

The ear is already attracted to that which bears the name of Range… La marche mène of cascade in cascade (photos here !), each with their history and charm. You can take your time and stop for a picnic, the key is to go at the top because the waterfall jump Girard worth a glance. Other routes, even longer, is possible to see the lakes above the Hedgehog, we will not go far, the afternoon is already well advanced and we went as tourists : flip flops and without anything to eat or drink ! 🙂 De plus nous sommes attendus à Châtillon-le-duc où nous arrivons vers 19h, in time for the barbecue. Again thank you for the great welcome !

6 Comments on ““Water that falls slowly pierces a better rock a waterfall.” Greek proverb”

  1. Merci pour les nouvelles et les magnifiques paysages ! Ici la vie continue, grillades, pétanque et belote plus scrabble. L’été se termine, les feuilles jaunissent avec des températures qui furent caniculaires et un gros orage qui nous a privés d’électricité pendant une soirée aux chandelles.

    Kisses Nanou

  2. Thank you to share this journey with your relevant comments and refreshing pictures we have many needs after these days of heat waves that were hard to bear !!



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