profil amsterdamLes liens de cette page sont régulièrement vérifiés mais l’ensemble datant de 2012 certaines des informations rassemblées ici ne sont peut-être plus à jour ! 🙂



Habiter à Amsterdam

Dormir dans son véhicule à Amsterdam
La police néerlandaise ne semble pas trop regardante durant les mois d’été, mais devient très stricte dès le mois de septembre. Dormir dans son véhicule serait strictement interdit à Amsterdam par arrêté municipal (sont-ils aussi légaux que ceux de France ?), action assimilée à du camping sauvage. An RV can be parked the day, mais dès que la nuit tombe, vous êtes passible de 140€ d’amende. Quid du camping-car uniquement stationné ?

For those that camping does not reject, we spent three days in the Camping Zeeburg, east of the city center and waterfront – address : South IJdijk 20, 1095 KN Amsterdam, phone : +31-20-694 44 30 – the price of one night goes 15 euros off season 28 Euro Summer (2012), électricité et Wi-Fi compris.

The rents are not cheap and many are offered roommate. The price of a room (in 2012) can reach 800 euros per month in the center. Real estate agencies must obviously be the last resort. Word of mouth is probably still the best solution (it is also necessary to know the world), if I had visited a few sites :

Two other tracks that I have not explored : during winter, rentals on the beach may be much cheaper ; there are also apartments that are rented for short periods and must be ready to leave quickly. Unfortunately I do not know more.


Stationner à Amsterdam

It's impossible ! Finally though, but it's very expensive, to 5 euros per hour in the center. If you come for a few days and you do not go camping (Homestays, youth hostel, hotel), Best thing to do is to go to a P + R (park ‘n’ ride), supervised car parks on the outskirts of the city which cost around 8 euros 24 hours, knowing that for that price you transport tickets for the round trip in town – and since transport fares is a good thing !

Another solution, park in the north where there are more free places, on the other side of the Ij and take the free shuttle boat that regularly connect the two sides of Amsterdam.

Also remain the neighboring cities like Amstelveen, Diemen ou Old Kerke, where the free parking areas are more, knowing tram, subway and bus link to the capital.


Work in Amsterdam

SOFI number (tax number)
This is the equivalent of the Social Security number that you must obtain foremost, is simple… Once we know where to go ! Au Tax, ie taxes, only they give more go to reception but a sheet telling you what to do in Dutch and English :

“Do you want an original proof of your sofinumber ? You have to make an appointment by telephone 0800-0543 first option 3, option 3 and ask if they can put you through to the department sofinumbers (“I do not speak Dutch, You can put me through to the department Social Security Numbers, please ?”)”

This text date 2012, things can change (phone number where to rendezvous eg) ! Otherwise the day of your appointment, cycle or take public transit (with your passport) to the Sloterdijk Station, the tax on building is ready Kingsfordweg 1, 1043 CN Amsterdam. You will have a form to fill (name, first name, address in France, address in the Netherlands, Employer name if you already have one, etc.) and in less than ten minutes you will be entitled to a nice number. Number officially is only valid for four months of work. Beyond, you need to register in the country and I can not tell you more about it because we did not.

You have your number ? Although we must find work now !

If you do not speak Dutch, but you speak English and have extensive knowledge in an area you have more chance of finding a job (hairdresser, cook, etc.), otherwise they often ask “fluent dutch” ! He sometimes has French restaurants seeking servers with just some Dutch (and English).

No specialized knowledge and a little English, there are two paths to follow, the one I experienced : babysitting and nanny for expatriate families. I found a lot of ads on which unfortunately closed, there is also this site : Nanny for Expats (phone : +31 6 556 95 482) which can possibly lead somewhere.

The last track, it is the call-center, Amsterdam I spotted IpsosSynovate (address : Queen Wilhelmina Square 2-4, phone : +3120-5899606).

Some other sites that may be of interest to speak French :

Speak only French is handicapping, English is definitely a plus (I would look for such children to French international school and the people working there speak Dutch and English). And if you want to learn Dutch, I recommend this site by which I acquired some good ideas ! Listen to the radio, read the newspaper, get out !

Telephone and transport
Before you jump in searches, please have a Dutch phone, the French may work, but it can cost you pennies and having a local phone can only show your motivation ! Il and, eg Mediamarkt (cross between Darty and Fnac), phones to 10 or 15 EUR. Then refills can be purchased in supermarkets (Albert Heijn par exemple).

You will also need a way to move because the car in Amsterdam… it is better not to try ! If you plan to stay at least one month, please, buy a bike. This is the simplest mode of transport, most used and least expensive over time. Because oddly, although there are more bicycles in the Netherlands than people, they are still quite expensive to buy. Minimum 200 New Euro, but I arrest you immediately, buy a new bike in Amsterdam is pure madness because flights are extremely frequent. So much the worse for the head of the bike but buy the used and instead invest in a good anti-theft (such as those used in France for motorcycles, and, and !) Two addresses that I was advised :

  • Recycled Bicycles – address : Spuistraat 84 – A, phone : +316 54 68 14 29
  • Vera's Rijwielhandel – address : Boelelaan 1117

Also think word of mouth and this site : Marketplace (advertisements in Dutch, but beware bikes below 80 EUR, they're probably stolen !) I think the best is the used shop, bikes are numbered which gives the police a chance (picking up dozens of bikes per day) to find yours if it is ever stolen one day.

If some information on public transport (in 2012). You can buy tickets at certain stops and stations, on trams or buses (not in the subway) or information center CFP (Central Station).
The simplest ticket is valid for one hour of transportation and costs € 2.70. In other words, if you left for several hours and / or multiple trips, directly take the ticket 24 € 7.50. These tickets go up to 96h (4 days) 20.5 € when you take the tram or small stations. And up to seven days if you go to a center GVB (30 EUR).
There is a card kilometers, it costs € 7.5 database and you can recharge.
If you plan to stay a month or a year, there are maps for 80 euros per month 700 or 800 euros the year, they remain the most advantageous. It is necessary against by an address which is sent Amsterdam map and provide photo ID. It therefore can not be given !
And do not try to play too free riders, there are clearly visible in their uniforms controllers, but also other civil entering casually and hop out of their machine for a bag fall on you !

Since I'm still in chapter “To work”, I think a few words about our research “banking” will not be unwelcome. It's not all work, you need a place to recover in !

ABN-Amro and Rabobank are the two banks that stand out, seeming to have more satisfied customers. ABN Amro has a more than reasonable price (2,75€ per month with virtually all basic services included and the blue card) and even a service for expatriates. Notably, their website is available in English, which is not the case for all banks.


Nightlife in Amsterdam

So you are settled, you have a bike, work… Let's play the tourist ? Although every street in Amsterdam is a free feast for the eyes, there was also a gaggle of museums. Some to 2 or 3 Euro entry, others 10 or 20…

There is the famous map IAmsterdam , that looks pretty interesting (transport and cruise on free channels, free entry to many museums, and several discounts on restaurants and other tourist places), if you are bottomed tourist guide (24 hours – 40,00 €, 48 hours – 50,00 €, 72 hours – 60,00 €). But I dug up another map which opens the door 34 Museums Amsterdam (and more 350 others in all the Netherlands) for one year 45 EUR, it can be purchased in one of museums concerned… You choose according to your desires !

For nightlife, my opinion is obviously subjective !

  • The Last Waterhole (address : Short Leidsedwarsstraat 49,1017 PW Amsterdam), happy hour de 14h à 21h (3€ the paint), live rock every night, unlimited pool from 14h to 20h for € 5 per month…
  • Susie’s Saloon (address : O.Z.Voorburgwal 254, 1012 GK Amsterdam), happy hour de 15h30 à 18h30 (3€ the paint) which can be enjoyed on the canal (if the sun is part of the) or inside where the music is always excellent ! Billiards and dart game… Finally the last time there was only one dart !
  • Poolcafe the Auger (address : Vijzelstraat 37, 1017 HD Amsterdam), blues, rock, metal… friendly staff and a pool table upstairs.


Special backpackers in Amsterdam

As you know if you read the article on our showers in Amsterdam, there is only one public bath throughout the city : le Bathhouse & Sauna Da Costa (address : the Costakade 200, phone : +3120 612 59 46). 1,5€ for a half hour shower (2,5€ bath for an hour, 0,5€ loan towel), a luxury, especially if they are all taken, you are offered coffee while waiting !

Open Tuesday and Thursday from 12 am to 18:30, Saturday from 10 am to 16:30.

I can not advise you what site which identifies areas and parking Netherlands. Unlike France, it seems that the free service areas are not news !

Two closest Amsterdam (about half an hour's drive) are :

  • South of Amsterdam
    Kaagweg 50
    The Holland Middle
    A farm in Jasper Roubos
    2157 LH Abbenes (North Holland)
  • North of Amsterdam
    1131 VOLENDAM (North Holland)

It's everywhere you say ! But we have found two fountains, inaccessible to fill a tank motorhome since two central squares (Leidseplein et Museumplein). The easiest way is to go to a service station (with a valve !) and ask nicely (it's even better if you take a little gasoline), they never said no.

Ah gas, more research was needed before finding Eldorado ! I first came across price draw you over the head hair, and finally :

Your Olie & Gas BV
Gas Amsterdam
Butaanweg 3
1041 AH Amsterdam (Western Harbour)
Phone : +3120-4480861

Next you have the bottle, they fulfill or you share (What there is no reference here). And above, we found in that adapts to French Connection ! The guys were very friendly and the bottle cost 30 EUR (September 2012). We are ironed 2017, that still exists.

Laver son linge à Amsterdam
There must be a string, but just because where we went they were friendly and it was not too expensive (5,5€ washing and drying, against just over € 7 usual in France) : Dry Clean Wassalon (address : Rijnstraat 20 1078 RB Amsterdam).

Otherwise, Site Yelp seems like a good search engine.

Se connecter et recharger ses batteries à Amsterdam

Many cafes and bars have wi-fi. Mon endroit favori a été le Starbucks sur Rembrandtplein, outlet, wi-fi and good frappuccinos !


This, everything I thought I would share ! Comments are open, whether to share information or ask questions !

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  1. Super again .. I was waiting for a comment on the red light district. Is there still, did you go only ?

    Otherwise, I think you should put the link of this article on French blogs you site here. Because your article is a gold mine for those who would venture a few months on the side of Amsterdam. Tu l’as peut être déjà fait d’ailleurs 🙂

    Is the SOFI number is assigned to life ? And what is the failure to make new 4 legally month ?


  2. The Red Light District (Red Light District) is part of Amsterdam, since it extends through the main streets of downtown. This is the most pleasant area with good bars and restaurants, on which you fall often unintentionally (à cause ou grâce à la disposition des rues en demi-cercle) and “oh bonjour madame !”
    J’ai lu deux, trois articles sur la question, et je crois que n’importe quelle fille préfèrerait travailler ici plutôt que dans les rues d’autres pays. Bien sûr il y a encore du trafic d’humain, mais beaucoup moins du fait que ce soit encadré. Elles se sentent plus en sécurité (beaucoup moins de violence ou de meurtre, an article evoked less than two per year, which was a feature down), are free to refuse a client… is a profession full.
    As for windows, a writer (Amsterdam… The Essence, David Beckett) interviewed a former girl, which eventually propose to spend a night in : read here in English ! This is from a very good newspaper (AmsterDO) that is out there in different places, they started in June I believe, free and in English so, with lots of very interesting items (top 5 on a subject, expatriate texts, Article on past Dam, on a particular street, etc.).

    Yes SOFI number is assigned to life. Beyond, I think you have to register in the country and therefore have a good address for you (we wanted to take this step first, giving the address of a cousin, but he told us he was staying, taxes would rise for him !).

  3. Everywhere… in the Netherlands, there are none in Amsterdam. Again openness of Dutch makes the healthiest thing. Good that 40% Tourism in Amsterdam is focused cannabis, less of 10% premises actually smoke ! No it is not a nation of addicts, Separating the hard drug of soft drug cannabis and tolerate finally I think smarter. 🙂
  4. In the comments you received, Claire, je lis “This is a gold mine”. I agree with this comment to say that this article is very comprehensive and valuable. Hard to beat, especially as you continue to give us details on your mail exchanges that follow. Thank you and good stay ! Sincerely.

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