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Who are we ?

The address of our website is :

Run by two individuals, Booklets Backpackers has no other purpose than to share our travels in France, Europe and elsewhere around the world ; in camper, on foot, in 4×4 ; while working, lazing… Some tips here and, thus some tips, photos, sometimes videos, many stories.

We want to be open and free, while keeping an eye on our creations - see our licensed Legal Notice - it's the same for your personal data that can be used by backpackers Diaries.

You also can keep an eye on it while reading the text below - thank you to WordPress and Jetpack for the frame - explaining what each tool we use is your data. Their use is purely functional and no data will never be sold, or shared with third parties unnecessarily. Feel free to contact us to modify or delete your data. You are also welcome if you like to report a bad use of your data in one tool, we try to minimize the release of data but things can escape !

Use of personal data collected


When you leave a comment on Booklets Backpackers, the data contained in the feedback form, but your IP address and your browser's user agent is collected and submitted to the service Akismet (property Automattic) the sole purpose of helping us to detect unwanted comments. Automattic of confidentiality clauses are available here :

An anonymized string created from your email address (also known as hash) is sent to the service Gravatar (property Automattic) to check if you use it. After submitting your comment, Your profile photo will be publicly visible next to your comment.

Following comments (par Jetpack)

To initiate and handle subscriptions, The following information is used : the email address of the subscriber and the comment ID. In the case of a new subscription, the Jetpack tool also gathers certain server database, including all HTTP request headers of the subscriber user, the IP address from which the subscriber user views the page and the URI which was given to access the page (REQUEST_URI et DOCUMENT_URI). These server data are used solely to monitor and prevent abuse and spam.

Albums photo (by WP Photo Album More)

When you leave a comment on a photo of Diaries Backpackers, your name, adresse email, IP address and comment text are stored in our database.

Newsletter (by MailPoet)

If you subscribe·e newsletter, you receive e-mail information about Diaries Backpackers.

To send you emails, we use the name and e-mail address you provided us. Our site also stores the IP address that you used when you registered to prevent abuse of the system.

Backpacker Booklets Newsletters use Sending Service MailPoet. This service allows us to track clicks and openings of our emails. We use this information to improve the content of our newsletters.

No identifiable information is otherwise traced outside the site with the exception of the email address.

Contact form

When you write us via the contact form, submission data – IP adress, user agent, name, adresse email, website and Message – are also subject to the service Akismet. This information is stored in the Diaries Backpackers database and we are sent directly by email. This email includes the IP address, data, the name, the email address, the website and the message sender.


If you drop a comment on our website, you will be prompted to record your name, email address and website in cookies. This will avoid having to re-enter this information if you deposit a further comment later. These cookies expire after one year.

However, we advise you not to store cookies on your computer and configure your browser for it to erase this information when you close. Less comfortable but more secure ! Tutorial for Mozilla Firefox.

Functional cookies tool Jetpack Subscriptions are set for a period of 347 days.

Statistics and audience measurements

We share you so much about us, but we also like to know a little bit about you ! Mainly, how much you are reading us, where did you read, which pages you prefer to consult.

To this end we use the statistics tool integrated with WordPress (par Jetpack), collecting at each visit : IP adress, user agent, visit URL, Referring URL, timestamp of the event, browser language, Country code ; and your activities : display of pages and items, clicks on links, terms of search engines.

Important : we do not have detailed access to your data ! for example, we can see that a product 285 views, but we can not see what specific users saw this article. The statistics of newspapers – containing the IP addresses of visitors – are kept by Automattic for 28 days and are used for the sole purpose of supplying audience measurement.

Jetpack also records the loading time of each visited page, only to monitor the overall performance of sites using Jetpack to ensure that their tool does not cause slowdown. It includes monitoring page load time and resources (image files, javascript files, CSS files, etc.)

Mobile (par Jetpack)

a cookie (akm_mobile) stored for 3,5 days to remember if a site visitor or not to consult its mobile version.

Storage times of your data

If you leave a comment, comments and metadata are preserved indefinitely in the database Diaries Backpackers. The preservation metadata can recognize and automatically approve the following comments instead of leaving them in the moderation queue.

The rights you have on your data

If you have left comments on the site, you can request a file containing all the personal data we hold about you, including those provided by you. You can also request the removal of personal data. This does not take into account the data stored for administrative purposes, legal or security reasons.

Contact information

As with any application, those concerning your privacy on Backpackers Notebooks can be made through the contact form – link available at the bottom of this site.

Last update : 24 June 2018