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Having spent three months on Scottish land 2017, We have gathered here some non-exhaustive information for other backpackers.

Sleeping in his car in Scotland

We never used the official camping and have never been bothered. Outside the cities, the country is so wild that it's easy to find a quiet corner where one bothers no one. one would, we were on different car parks directly in the streets, never staying more than two nights in the same place not to impose.

There are two mobile applications that we have not had much need to use : WikiCamps UK and Park4night.

Connect and recharge your batteries in Scotland

We visited several municipal libraries, all those we visited offer free Wi-Fi, most have tables available for some of the outlets close. I spent whole days to work without any worry.

For a fast connection from your smartphone, large chain stores have almost all free Wi-Fi access.

Eating and drinking in Scotland

Drinking water fountains are extremely rare, we had to buy bottled water, we kept then fill the taps in public toilets.

The German hard discount chains Aldi and Lidl are installed in Scotland. Lidl offers application mobile handy to spot the Lidl corner when regularly changing city. When we found neither one nor the other, we were mostly in the Morrisson chain, that seems to have more reasonable prices than other.

Shower and toilet in Scotland

Not only supermarkets have Wi-Fi, but in addition they generally all public toilets.

We did not find against by not really sought public showers. small toilet in the camper, wipes and swimming in lakes and rivers have enough.

Wash clothes in Scotland

It was impossible to find a laundromat, whether in town or in the countryside. Every time we thought we had found, we found ourselves in what we would call rather laundry. They take your machine and run it from A to Z, it is usually the weight and it is not necessarily given. For most of the trip, we did our laundry by hand !


If you have questions or other information to share, please use the comments !

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