When we say that we live in the year in camper, the reactions are diverse but generally enthusiastic. Intrigued, people often want to know more. Before launch us into the adventure, We have ourselves come very many sites and blogs of people who lived or still live this way. The least we can do is to share our experience in our turn !

So here are some answers to frequently asked questions, If others come to you, do not hesitate to discuss following this page, we will respond with the greatest pleasure and keep regularly update the FAQ as soon as we have new information to share helpful.

Nous souhaitons rappeler que ne sommes en aucun cas une source officielle, seulement des particuliers partageant leur expérience. Nous ne garantissons donc pas l’exactitude des informations rassemblées, ni ne pouvons être tenus responsables de l’utilisation que vous en feriez. Merci de votre compréhension. 😉

Why this choice of lifestyle ?

En 2008 We went to Australia where many tourists hire a small van to traverse the continent. Others buy one and sell it at the end of their trip, This is what we have done with Mr Big (old blog being migrated this site) and it was very pleasant to us ! Returned in France, trapped between four walls, It did not take long so we decided to try the adventure here. Successful experience, since we live in our camper "French" since September 2010.

A general return on your felt since 2010, the benefits, the disadvantages ?

Being already people living simply, no frills, We quickly adapted to this new way of living. We have a little more comfort than in Australia, for example a cassette toilet or an electric water pump (solar energy), It was manual Mr Big (old blog being migrated this site) ! But nothing luxurious.

What was pleasant to us and which we see as an advantage, It is being able to change the decor that you see from your window every morning ! Leave a city within the hour if she does you not like, stay a month in another if you you feel good, meet new people. Freedom of movement you have less residential fixed : If you have a sudden urge to leave a few days in the mountains, you will need transport, the hotel, etc.. Camper, at 9:01 you tell yourself that you'd go fresh, at 9:02 the key is in the ignition !
There is also a big financial advantage, no rent, no accrued. The low word 500 EUR saved per month. During our first big road trip 2011 we have not spent more than 600 two euros per month for the total budget (diesel, gas, victuals, showers, laundry and some outputs).

A disadvantage, If it is, It is the home of some cities and their Gentile. The thought of others we is equal, but abuse of limitation in height on the car parks or municipal orders bars (also illegal each like the other) is sometimes tiring ! I dwell on it because the subject of the camper in French law is developed on the page Parking.

What kind of camper for what budget ?

We of course have not invested in nine where selling prices reach easily five digits. It all depends on what you want !
We had set our budget at 5000 Euro and walked the ads for nearly a year to find TNT, a Ford Transit whose carcass date 1984. There was some work to do (the cell was badly) but at the mechanical level, This kind of engine is puncture-proof. It was on sale at 3500 EUR, What left us 1500 euros for retyping it to our liking (Thanks dad !) A page devoted to checks before buying and after changes is coming ...

A basic investment, need to add fuel and insurance. We opted every time for the diesel, less expensive than gasoline, and do between 500 and 600 km with a full of approximately 50 litres. In the absence of having a completely clean engine, we would like to meet someone who can help us transform our Pantone engine. For compulsory insurance, we are MAAF with minimum one third that cost us about 140 euros per year.

Agreement for expenses, and money then ?

The interim, the CDD, the idea is to ride and work Alternatively ! Roughly one month of work : 1000 EUR, a month on the roads 300 EUR, the calculation is quickly made !

You talked shower in your budget ?

In Australia we had neither toilet, or shower, but life is different there and here ! Ocean-side it was easy to go swimming every day and use the showers that punctuate the coast, Some are small buildings where nobody looks you oddly if you use SOAP and shampoo !
In France we have preferred to have a shower, although for now the car is used exclusively for bathroom cupboard and WC. So far we have taken our public homestay or the bathroom showers (where the evocation of the hygiene in the budget, which is far overpriced !) It is of course possible to take three showers in the day, It will take just to fill the tank with clean water (60 liters TNT) more often !

How do you supply and the water drain ?

All the cities (or at least most) have public fountains. There is even a mobile app that lists them : Eaupen . A good plan also is to think to ask petrol stations when refueling, if they have a tap. On construction sites also, by asking workers.

EC 24

To drain waste water (black for WC, gray for the shower water, Sink), there are lots of free drainage points (sometimes pay : 2 euro as the Flow Blue Relais), indicated by the EC24 panel. L’application park4night I have already cited for parking for each location indicates the services provided, on their website bottom of the page you can click Without stat service area. then select a region, the department and you have a list of addresses.

About WC, We plan to test dry toilets, bucket, a bag and hop in the trash as dog excrement or diapers !

How do you stay connected ?

Thanks to the sun !

We started with a small panel that fed only water pump and a connected inverter to the cigarette lighter which allowed us while we were driving to recharge the computer, two phones and camera battery.

But in the summer 2017, we decided to invest in a more powerful solar installation. We made this addition while we were Scotland and ordered to Photonic Universe because the prices were reasonable and they offered delivery in UK. For about 400 €, we bought a solar panel 100W, a gel deep cycle battery of 100Ah, a controller, cables, fixing pasta and a gadget to see sunshine, load, etc..
This allows me to work on the computer all day if I want to, directly to solar and recharge our electrical appliances.

As for the Internet, packages today are largely sufficient to use the phone as a modem. I pay twenty euros per month at Free, j & rsquo; have 100 GB per month in France, 25 Go in Europe and d & rsquo; other countries (l & rsquo; eg Australia).

And of course there is public libraries that offer nowadays often Wi-Fi and have power outlets. Or even cafes, if you consume something there of course.

Step too cold winter ? Too wet step ?

The freedom of movement of which I speak in our general return is valid for temperatures ! It's hot ? Go to the North ! The thermometer goes down ? Do the same thing ! If the cell is equipped with a gas heater that we have unfortunately not been really tested because he passed away - if anyone knows it ! Failing that lent us a Japanese stove. Of course it works with oil (and I do not like fossil), but four square metres it heats quickly, We consumed approximately 30 litres for the winter 2011.

Edition 2013 : We have lit the heating only once this winter, He saw himself dethroned by a small heater at very low cost.
Moisture should not be a concern in the modern camper, but it is true that ours is not perfectly insulated windows level, suddenly we have from time to time of condensation (Winter only) and the ceiling or closets are a little wet, but nothing ever villain.

Where you park ?

We never used to pay or camping areas in France. There are plenty of free areas, many of which provide services (emptying, water) across the country and it is important not to forget that legally a camper has the same rights as a car parking, As you follow the statutory period of up to seven days on a single site, sometimes 24 or 48 hours.

There is everything a page dedicated to this issue : Park in France.

You can find internet sites listing services and parking areas as AireCampingCar. We use mobile site park4night, rather well !

How do you handle the administrative without fixed address ?

For the administrative, the easiest is to domicile in a trusted person, a parent, a friend ... who can contact you in case of urgent mail and do you follow if necessary. Knowing that with the evolution of the services, You can now manage and receive most of your Internet surveys (SECU, bank, phone, insurance), We almost never mail paper.

Edition 2016 : we were repeatedly asked about taxes and following a mistake on their part I've realized that indeed there could be an impact on the use of the address of a third party, I add the information gleaned :

  • know someone who already pay the maximum housing tax, it will not pay more
  • use a PO box (Taxes will ask you to specify where you were at 1 January), it is not free and it will go there to get your mail
  • be domicile in the Community Center for Social Action of the department where you are staying more often, free but it will go get your mail and the application must be justified (more information about Service-Public.fr)
  • I recently discovered a page on tax on mobile homes used as primary habitat that intrigued me but I have not dug : could we declare our camper as the main habitat and attach this statement to the tax ? !

Latest information : I read that it is better to write “by M. or Ms.” what “At M's. or Ms.” sans en avoir eu confirmation, indicating that you use the address to receive mail but can not live.

Edition 2018 : If the overall income (you + the / those inhabitants) the home are not taxable, there should be no impact on the Tax & rsquo; housing for the person you are using the & rsquo; address.


Other issues ? Leave a comment !

64 Comments on “F.A.Q.

  1. Is that you use the sites dedicated to Camping Cars ?
    If Yes, What are the benefits, the cost etc. ?
  2. We have never used pay areas in France, nor indeed of camping. The goal in camper, like many other camper I think, It is more possible independent. In one Article, I was talking about the only point drain (paying : 2 euros twenty minutes to fill with water, electricity was not working) in the vicinity of Cannes, but in all the other regions we visited, There are many areas of home (emptying, water, possibility to stay overnight) free !
    I have the memory of an area reserved for the camper in AIGUES-MORTES, 12 euros 24 hours, but memory there was no service, water may be…
    The next page will be rightly devoted to parking of motorhomes over French laws ! Coming very soon !

    EDIT : the page parking is now available !

  3. Hello, I do not know if I would have seen an answer that comments date, but I try.. that is my companion and I decide in a year's leave to live in campers and work simultaneously. My question is about the parking camper. When we discover not worry I think I understood everything on regulation (unfortunately illegal in some places) but when you work ccd a month or more, or turn your motorhome ? We find the solution of the camping (far from our philosophy) but I see no alternative :/ and some are very expensive.. be forced to spend in order to work… Finally, I would be a solution ? Peut être certains endroits qui dérange moins pour une si longue durée ? Thank you
  4. Bonjour Jess !

    Le dernier article posté remonte en effet à la fin novembre 2015, date de notre retour en France après un an autour de l’Australie. Mais le site, comme nous 😉 , attend avec impatience notre retour sur les routes européennes après notre hibernation sédentaire avec famille et amis. Si tout se passe comme prévu, Carnets de Routards devrait reprendre de l’activité d’ici mai 2016. 😀

    Je me suis permise de déplacer ton commentaire sur cette page car ta question et les expériences que je vais partager pourront peut-être en aider d’autres ! Je suppose que tu as déjà lu la page Parking So who says you that you can park your camper as a car, without occupying a place uninterrupted beyond the legal period of seven days (sometimes least zonally, specified by panel).

    We never went camping and have always parked in the town where we work. Usually we spot several corners to not be always parked in the same place but are sometimes kept in the same area (changing parking spaces only) as in Toulouse 2011 where we lived for a month between March and April on the same parking lot with other trucks fitted some had been there for several months. Ou à Antibes pour tout l’hiver 2011-2012 près du port avec vue sur le Fort Carré. 🙂 Ce coup là nous avons eu le droit au papier sur la pare-brise signalant que nous étions stationnés depuis plus de sept jours (ce qui était faux puisque nous partions tous les week-end) puis la visite d’un policier avec qui, après une introduction un peu vive de sa part, we finally calmly discuss and explain our rights, he went to check and came back a few days later just to say that indeed we were right !

    A cross is unfortunately to the cities that prohibit parking on the set of their common (illegal ban the bush including, since the panel is supposed to indicate a planned area… not necessarily against free by), unless you find to park just outside or why not you go see the mayor of the said town,. If our experience is probably the best summer 2014 Castellane where we worked in a camp and therefore were parked on site ! 😀

    If you have other questions, do not hesitate. We live well since the summer 2010 and have every intention to continue, life in the year in a motorhome without paying to stay in campsites is not impossible !

  5. Hello, I actuellemé employee and it is currently impossible for me to quit my job before some debu to take a nice gap year that could make me change my lifestyle radically.

    My question is the following, is that as it is possible and interesting to stay there to live in an RV while keeping a fixed job?

    With your experience how would you?
    I have to find a suitable field to be more sedentary during workdays ( week and weekend)
    And from during my days off (basically week) for as you can wake me from where I want and when I want.

    Thank you anyway for your eventual response and especially for your return this experience already has served me in this project that is so dear to me.

    DORIAN. (Region Rhone-Alpes)

  6. Hello Dorian !

    Nice to read that our experiences are active readers ! Read other blogs before we left on the road we were already salivating.

    Not easy to answer your question, which seems quite subjective. As I put in the answer I recently Jess, we have worked on long run (longer had to be about six months in Antibes) while living in a camper and parked in city. But it's a lifestyle that we must love and bear the risk of not being able to shower all such evenings (Toulouse we used the public baths, few euros shower). 😉
    We never parked on areas, land or pay campsites so I could not help you with any research in that.
    By cons you can already start looking for a vehicle that suits you and even invest while still having a fixed housing, it would allow you to do some trips and try yourself to this kind of life.

    Hope this helps you advance your thinking, do not hesitate to ask other questions !

  7. Hello,
    We plan to do as you : live in year in DC, and seeking information, we discovered your blog full of information, astuteness short ..., It was an enlightening moment, interesting and enjoyable so ... just thank you for sharing your experience and testimony !
    All the best !
  8. Bonjour Vee,

    Thank you very much for this little message, it is always a pleasure to see that sharing our experiences can be used for other. We are available if you have questions, feel free and who knows one day on the road. We will soon resume if TNT healthy spring his little turn to the garage (a year since our camper French is sedentary as we made him unfaithful in Australia !). 😀

  9. Good evening,
    Thank you for all that information and as many, I dream of going on a few months truck… Just a question : Does the knowledge of a few mechanical needs ? for I see on the sites that many make themselves their repairs… I know nothing about mechanics and it makes me a little scared…
  10. Hello Tanouche,
    Without knowledge there is always garages (hoping to come across a good) but there must be the hand of budget work. Otherwise the knowledge will come by themselves if you are motivated, you find all full of tutorials on the Internet. I admit that I let my partner take care of the mechanics but on our last crash I put hands dirty and finally once we show you some things are not too complicated. It especially takes elbow grease ! 😀
  11. Hello
    congratulation for your blog that I find very interesting ;I own a camper for many years I was using for my free gold an unexpected event will definitely force me to make it my primary residence .
    the big problem that I fear and aprovisionement water and above emptying the toilet cassette can you bring me some extended stationement conseils.le and obviously also a problem but not the most important ,I know that some of the city has not always free service areas or easy to find.
    in terms of administrative demarches I came across a very clear website .I Thank You avence has kindly answer me .
  12. Hello Bernard,

    Sorry that your early life in a motorhome is forced rather than required but you will soon realize that this is quite livable condition not to be too demanding comfort level (and again it depends on the motorhome) !

    – For water supply, all cities have public fountains where you can fill in a food container (we have a fifteen liters used for drinking water), we have also sometimes used to fill our tank about 60 litres (water for a shower if you have, dishes and cooking water… We do not drink the rarely since stagnated in the plastic tub), Sometimes gas stations have a water tap and if you are “plugged”, there is the application Eaupen I have not yet had the opportunity to test, it is a fountain of map.
    – For black water drain (WC) and gray water (dishwater, etc.) many villages offer free oil changes points, sometimes for a few euros (then there is often the possibility of water, even electricity).
    Again the application Park4night ; which also indicate places where one can spend the night.

    – For extended parking, just do careful to respect the period of seven days, indeed 24, 48 or 72 hours in some neighborhoods, applicable to all vehicles.

    Do not hesitate if you have further questions, I wish you good luck !

  13. Hello,good evening everyone !

    First of all thank you for sharing your little piece of life !

    the top of my 21 years I left my rental apartment to buy a mobile home in a campsite , thing I regret I love living here but now .. since a certain time I also I want to take me a camper and find me various work everywhere and anywhere in field , basic I coachbuilder / Car mechanic , more , garages disgust me every day to fly people and to be in pay , I'd like to see it any profession , discover people , live and stop being cloistered all year in the same village as thousands of kilometers are behind this one ready to fill us the gift head and embark on a completely different life from home / work / sleep , I'm at the stage mobile home / work / rest / sleep , et pourquoi pas marier le voyage et la découverte avec le boulot ? 🙂
    Ma petite femme qui me suis tout mes projets depuis maintenant 4ans accepte mon choix , “mais oui je reviendrais voyons je vais pas t’abandonner!”

    Beaucoup d’idée en tête , beaucoup de chose sont encore flou dans ma tête mais à vous voir vous m’encourager enormement ! Un vieux fort transit nommé TNT , Q'une thing I have to say is Congratulations !

    Hoping to share your experience and be my future life with you !

  14. Bonjour Dylan,

    Merci d’avoir illuminé mon début de journée. 😉 C’est chouette de voir d’autres gens penser en dehors du cadre que l’on (mais qui ? ! 😛 ) nous impose inconsciemment.

    Tu as un atout majeur à ce style de vie, tu t’y connais en mécanique ! Nous aurions évité bien des déboires avec des connaissances. We are still working on TNT (from where, among others, break our adventures but I promise you they return readers, one of these days ! 🙂 ) : starter switch, direction check and after that everyone we have always said that the distribution was a chain, it finally seems to be a belt, So surely change.

    Brief, it is not we who will tell you that you're crazy, darkens and does not hesitate to ask questions. You can go through the contact form if you like and we can communicate by email. Really do not hesitate, before we launch we had a ton of questions ! And it is our pleasure to share our experience (there is not a website for nothing, it would, moreover, that I find the time to add all full of scattered information I have in my files).

    The day you démarres, proposed to your little wife a few trips, well you could transmit the virus travel. 😉

    Hope to hear from you !

  15. Hello
    my name is Alain and I'd love you advise me because I'm going to live in a camper has year and I am completely lost…. I do this not how or how it lives in a camper or put me and finally I have so many questions in mind , is that you can refer me please if you can leave me message on my mailbox
  16. Hello Alain,
    I replied by email advising you read the two pages of the menu “Camping-Car” and thread of comments that are very informative.
    Feel free to ask any questions you have in mind !
  17. Hello everyone
    I just stumble upon your blog and find it very interesting and full of little tips .vivant also a year in my camper,I have great difficulty understanding why you are still using chemical toilets,I personally installed dry toilets in my CC and I only see benefits (autonomy ,no odors,cleanliness,cost price etc.…).
    think about it .
    Soon on a roadside. Christian.
  18. Hello Christian,

    Dry toilets in our list of things to do / to test ! We do not really elsewhere to use chemical toilets since we put Bordeaux mixture instead of chemicals market.

    But we're curious to know more about your use. In a bucket ? In a plastic bag ? What you put in ? Shavings ? Where do you take ? … And what do you toilet paper ?

    Thanking you in advance for your eventual partition ! 🙂

  19. Hello , me that intrigue me is for important mail such as taxes cif ext … how do we do ??? if we put in the address of the family are not penalizing level taxes ?? for us it is our choice to live in a camper in the year but before getting there want all intelligence level above the rest is paper usual it makes 5 years that makes the camper …. miles thank you in advance … Good evening

    Françoise & Didier

  20. Hello,

    screw screw law,

    If we find someone you trust, She will not have to pay more for housing tax?
    Would not it be an address for taxes?

    thank you for your comeback,


  21. @marie

    If you are not taxable, this will have no impact on the person with whom you are domiciled. If you are against by taxable, indeed there may be an increase in council tax.

    If that is the case, we must turn to a PO Box (knowing that taxes will surely ask a clarification about where you were at 1 January : the answer is in my truck !) or to the CCSA to make you domicile in the department where you are most often.

  22. Hello,
    Have you needed It.s booklet traffic ? Apparently c.est become mandatory.
    thank you for your reply
  23. : Hello, not circulating booklet. I think it is only useful when you do not have the option to use a fixed address ?
  24. Hello there, my employer just asked me if I live truck just after my answer was yes he said he will not take me back to what worked are normal c???
  25. Do not ! It's discrimination. After he is the boss and if a CSD hard to get him to take you back. We do not tell our lifestyle when we postulate for jobs. Sometimes called in after the context but employers do not need to know how you live, that's your !
    Hath he given a reason at least ?
  26. Hello

    I have laid truck insurance and bought a camper to live there all year but my insurance does not insure my camper if I live in
    she has and what you the right insurer is likely to ensure my car knowing that I also have a fixed address. Should I hide the fact that I want to live in camper?

  27. Hello , I do not know if insurance has the right to refuse the minimum (public liability), after the site Service Public there is opportunity to make representations. Or search a more open mind insurance (I have unfortunately not name to you).
    If you have a fixed address, Your motorhome remains a recreational vehicle and not a residence and I suppose can be assured as such.
  28. Hello,

    I would also like to live in RV retired, my question is on the mail, si je me domicilie chez un parent ne va t’ he not pay more local taxes ?
    I think he should not put at Mr X but something else, but what ?
    thank you for your reply

  29. Hello , I read that it was written by M. or Ms. X rather than Chez. What normally is used to specify that you only receive mail at this address.
    Yes because there is a risk of increased council tax, as explained in the commentary 23 February 2017, in response to Cazis and Marie. 🙂
  30. Good evening,

    Do you live still currently camper ?

    I have this project that should lead quickly enough (From mid August), now it's business camper to see what we would agree best (year 90/2000) as the latest in a not budget and I find them less functional. Then continue this life on the road and working season (summer Winter) or may be less if one can afford the! Thank you for this article, I continue to browse your blog!


  31. Hello , sorry for the response time, occupied by sedentary life right now ! But yes to answer your question, we still live in a motorhome although this year is a bit special (I am a professional training).

    Do not hesitate if you have questions, the contact form here, it always makes us very happy to share our experience as we enjoyed doing with others when we embarked on the adventure there now 7 year old !

  32. Hello and woaw…
    I came across your site in the merest chance and it's a real pleasure to read.
    I am currently and, for 2 years, currently conducting a lot of research to live in DC the year, before throwing me.
    However, I, a lot of questions to have a minimum life of comfort.
    Obviously, the question of when home is taxable. Then the Internet, or how to access them anywhere and what would be the most interesting supplier (if one day I decide to go outside of France), what type of CC would be the most suitable…
    Anyway, I keep your site under the elbow, because your proposed applications are vital.
    Answer me by mail, ainsi nous pourrons communiquer si vous le souhaitez, librement
    Bien à vous et bravo 😉
  33. Hello
    Je trouve votre façon de vivre très intéressante et j’y pense pour ma retraite quand les enfants seront independant ce n’est pas trop compliqué lorsqu’on est seule
  34. L’effet woaw nous l’avons à chaque fois que nous lisons un commentaire comme le vôtre ! Ca fait plaisir de voir que ce que nous partageons est utile aux autres. Je vous contacte par mail 😉

    Beaucoup de personnes se lancent dans cette aventure à la retraite, en suivant les sentiers de ces camping-caristes vous devriez être tranquille ! Je vous le souhaite en tout cas !

  35. Hello !
    Comme beaucoup je tombe parhasardsur votre blog..s’il y a hasard !
    Already in the process for over a month, The idea is fresh and deeply rooted, I am about to begin the adventure, history where a two-week waiting.
    the click ! Temporary employment “forced “, life, the réalisations..à 47 everything seems bright! I try the adventure in Switzerland at least this was winter and next summer.
    Having already builds a cell there a few years while the resistant type, it sold a year ago, I put the cover with a used vehicle.
    electric range, water, it runs in my head, I like the idea of ​​not having everything easily and having to manage.
    De plus l’idée de base étant les rencontres, le voyage dans le pays, en Europe quand j’aurai du temps…. la vie qui va avec me plaît. Je pense comme beaucoup ici travailler en CDD.

    Bravo à vous, je n’ai pas de question, non pas parce que je sais tout mais parce que je me réjouis aussi de voir venir les problèmes 🙂

  36. Bonsoir Philippe et merci pour ce message de partage ! Nous vous souhaitons plein de bonnes choses pour le retour sur les routes, si l’envie vous prend, repassez par là nous donner des nouvelles de la vie nomade en Suisse, nous sommes curieux de connaître l’accueil fait au camping-car chez les Helvètes. 🙂
  37. Hello, Je lis attentivement votre blog. Merci de nous faire partager vos expériences. I have 61 year old, I live alone. the camper is a word that makes me dream for a long time. I had the opportunity to test a one for one year, there is 3 year old, Sadly, I was forced to sell. I like my apartment, but once everything is clean and tidy, I have less and less satisfaction to remain between 4 murs, copro and live in town. My earnings are not enough to travel after all expenses are paid month. I realize to have more and more difficult to do and buy what I like. I have an idea to sell the apartment to buy a camper and know all the beautiful villages of France and share more time with my parents in the South and my daughter in the North ! I am aware that I can not live in DC flywheel that will say more 4 /5 years.. is it in your opinion a crazy dream, a risky dream ?? what to do once the urge to spend ? my fear is losing a lot of money, and I will not want for example, be dependent on my daughters in the future.
    Live tjours in your Motorhome ?
  38. Hello,

    I have not watched all the blog but I'll do it. It's really nice to share all your information.

    I just wanted to give information concerning the circulation booklet.

    Starting the 29 January 2017, it is no longer issued special circulation booklet, booklet traffic or continuance Prefecture or Sub-Prefecture. Current books are still valid.

    I invite you to click on the link below and open the pdf file :


    We plan to embark on the adventure 4 year old “Living in DC the year”. I will always be active (It will be necessary to wait 8 years before retirement) and it will therefore find a place to park the CC not too far from work. We will keep a car so I can go with.

    We've got answers to our questions on FB (DC groups).

    A question : êtes-vous informée qu’il y a une taxe annuelle à payer selon l’âge du véhicule si le CC est la résidence principale ?



    A très bientôt 🙂

  39. It is a pleasure to share !

    Currently stuck between four walls, I understand the feeling. I'm in training but looking forward to my return on the roads and between our four roller sections ! So aside this year sedentary, we still live in a motorhome.

    I do not know how long we will live well but have no plans to stop for now (the times we had to settle for 2010 never really appealed to us) or just investing in land for growing our vegetables and put them occasionally TNT. 😀

    In Australia we have seen people of all ages on the road and some had sold their houses to invest in a wheel. After the decision is yours, Maybe talk to your children just ? Put the apartment rented for a possible return ? Keep the apartment and buy a small van for a few breakaways ?
    If you want to continue sharing, please contact us by form (there is a contact link at bottom of page), we can continue by email. 🙂

  40. As I meet Emmanuelle, it is a pleasure to share. :)Before going on the road, we did the opposite, we were blog readers and website !

    Thank you for the information on the registration document, je lirai ça à tête reposée et ajouterai ce qui est utile sur cette page.

    Oui pour la taxe j’ai découvert cela il n’y a pas longtemps, j’en parle dans la question sur la domiciliation et l’administratif, j’ai mis le même lien. 😉 Dans le même paragraphe, je pose une question à laquelle je prévois de chercher une réponse : pourrions-nous utiliser cette déclaration comme justificatif de domicile pour les impôts sur les revenus ? !

  41. Hello, tout d’abord je tiens a vous remercier et a vous felicité pour votre site, which is full of tricks, and very “reassuring” for people who seek to have a more independent lifestyle. So here I am only 22years, this idea stuck in my head for over 1 month, I already have all this at length the sober, but the point still make me worry, I do not count as you work here and the (the stumbles of this life being to devote myself to macimum in benevolat), I already have a small source of income to make my own life, the problem being that I need a computer exercise the latter pojr, if you (or someone else of course) experiencing a solar energy system of (for example)Motorhome, and the loies relative to ca, I'll take it ! 🙂
    Un grand merci d’avances aux gens qui prennent le temps de me répondre !
  42. thank you for your message ! Chaque commentaire de remerciement ou de partage des visiteurs nous donne le sourire ! 😀

    Nous avons depuis plusieurs années un petit panneau solaire mais souhaitons investir dans plus grand, de manière à pouvoir alimenter 24h un ordinateur (je suis en formation de développeur informatique, espérant pouvoir devenir freelance à terme et travailler du camion 😉 ). We must therefore inform you on the necessary power.

    As for laws, I do not see what would prevent you from working and traveling together ! Can I ask you what you do ?

    I would like to have a minimum return of money that allow us to be more often on the road and feed this website. But monetize (Pub, Article sponsored…) is not an idea that I like.

    Good luck and do not hesitate if you have further questions. There is also a contact form at the bottom of page if you would like to share by email.

  43. Thank you for the answer ! I also thought mainly to the solar panel, but I'm not really a connoisseur of electricity, je me demandais si il existait d’autres moyens (on pourrais imaginer avec la rotation des roues par exemple, mais je vais chercher loin la haha 🙂 ) sinon je ne pense pas avoir besoin d’enormement de puissance, I'm more in the arts, photo, drawing and tattooing, so I need a computer every day, but not necessarily long, as I often ride to the photo example. Regarding my problem of loies, it is not in relation to work, but especially at the electrical installation on the motorhome ( I forgot to specify but I am Swiss, and here anyway, they love prohibit vehicle modifications, especially outside, or when taxing a crazy price, with a lot of unnecessary paperwork was filling, So I was not even on a solar panel was possible). If compared to advertising on your site, although I do not agree with this principle to monetize on Ad, dans votre cas, ou vous devez surement passer un temps fou a gerer ce site, juste pour partager vos experiences avec les gens, sans pour autant avoir une gamme de produit a vendre, donc une petite pub sur le coté, personellement je ne trouve pas derangeant (tant que c’est pas du pop-up), ca serais meme entierement merité pour vous, mais ce n’est que mon avis personnel ! Je vous contacterai probablement par mail si j’ai des questions plus precise qui n’interessent pas forcement tout le monde, pour le moment j’en suis que au debut, tout est posé sur papier mais je n’ai malheureusement meme pas encore mon camping car 🙁 En attendant, bonne chance pour votre formation et pour la suite, a bientot merci ! 🙂
  44. Two links that may be of interest to you :
    Example solar kits
    Converter cigarette lighter (this is what we use from the beginning, with a power strip, without abusing, it can charge phones, the computers, the devices batteries pictures while you drive)

    For Swiss laws, it will be for you to share information where you will find them ! 😉

    Thank you for your opinion on monetization, good luck for the rest of your adventure, we remain available by email with pleasure. Who knows soon on the roads… a tattoo ? 😛

  45. Good evening I'm Denis north of France and first thank you for creating this forum that can give us a lot of solutions and idea . me here 4 years I've lived in a motorhome while having a job I have not yet found difficult to live in a motorhome water is easily Jean electricity 220 Volt I have almost no need computer level I use a tablet that consumes much less a laptop battery nomadic key for connection , for my part I have acquired two solar power 200 W that enough for me even for winter, at the heater I have a forced air Truma power supply I replaced 2 LPG cylinders, which is cheaper than propane, I specify more that I live a few kilometers from the border and LPG gas is much cheaper than in France , regarding the mail the paperwork at the beginning I used a PO box at the post I was paying I had to change the mailing address on demand taxes that told me not to be in the long term they me directed to the CCAS of my city where I currently from an address from 3 years that I renew every year but totally free .
    Do not hesitate if you have some questions I think now be able to answer because I use my camper as housing.
    I thank you for reading and please
    Denis the adventurer .
  46. Hello !

    Sorry for the time validation and response, end of training and take off for the United Kingdom were underway. 🙂

    The site is not really a forum (I thought to add a but more work…) but there is certainly a place to share !

    A big thank you just for sharing your experience. We will soon invest in more powerful solar panels that the little we had previously. Qu'alimentez in with those you currently ?

    Next use, a laptop is actually not necessarily needed, this is not my case that will need some power for my work. Ultimately I think maybe turn to satellite Internet content myself but for now a modem or key 3 / 4G.

    Denis Bonne continuation !

  47. Hello, My name is Sandrine and I 42 year old. I live in DC since 5 month. For now its goes well, I still registered address in parents, but will soon have to find something else. My question is, I am often alone and I would like to meet people who live in DC , are there sites that exist or can communicate with other people who are in the same situation ?
    Thank you in advance for your return.
  48. Hello

    It is certainly possible to find forums on the net, I do not know but the search engines have indexed surely ! 😉

  49. Currently AT mail address for friends of this problem with taxes if I replace by BY girlfriends I have no more problem I would like confirmation thank you
  50. This is one of the latest information that I added to the FAQ, but I have not had confirmation. I think the best position to tell us are precisely the taxes !
    If you have a response from them, it would be nice to share it here, I would put the FAQ update.
  51. Hello, one of my facebook contacts lives in camper and I dream every time he post the photo of his journey. Being freelance developer I do not need physical address (ou juste pour l’administration celle d’un parent fera l’affaire) par contre concernant internet je ne peux pas m’en passer. Quelles solutions utilisez vous pour avoir une bonne connection ?
    Sinon le camion aménagé ça à l’air pas mal mais je suis plus attiré par un ‘vraicamping car d’occasion, quel budget mini pour une personne à votre avis.
    Thank you (de nous faire rêver 😉
  52. Hello ,

    Exerçant depuis peu le même métier que toi, j’utilise pour l’instant mon forfait téléphone Free qui me propose pour 20 EUR, 100GB of data in France and in Europe 25GB. I'm using that to process my mail, search and send my work on online filing my client. I never exceeded 10GB in a month for now.

    But this is a temporary solution because ineffective if you are in remote locations. Eventually we plan to invest in Satellite Internet. We did no comments yet, but I will share the information when this will happen !

    This is a “true” camper we have but small. To your question on the budget, you speak of the purchase or daily life ? (Les questions de la FAQ répondent aux deux 😉 mais je serai ravie de répondre à d’autres questions si besoin).

    Bonne continuation !

  53. Hello, êtes vous toujours en camping car ???
    Si oui j’aurais besoin de votre expérience.
    Thanks in advance.
  54. Hello ; nous sommes actuellement en voyage de l’autre côté du monde mais étions dans notre camping-car français jusqu’en janvier et le serons à notre retour. Que pouvons-nous faire pour vous ? 😀 En bas de site il y a un lien contact qui nous permettra de discuter par mail si vous le souhaitez.
  55. Hello,
    quand je vois le budget moyen que vous utilisez pour vivre! ça laisse rêveur et finalement tout à fait réalisable pour moi et bien d’autres
    I come to question your house on wheels
    is it easy to find garages for repair ? I suppose and compared to the machine, the prices are reasonable.
    Furthermore, would not it be better to make the type of incidents blackout ?
    I'm curious to know how much area you kilometers a month or a year or more often you go around
    in France? in Europe ?
  56. Hello
    For both of which are housed in ..Freres sister or friends., child or parent….I for my part said “has housed free by my sister”…and Never been concern
  57. The city budget date 2011 but has not changed too much. Of course we lead a simple life without too many extras but this is how we are ! 😉

    We only needed to bring TNT three times in a garage in eight years : once for in the clutch 2013 Beziers, once for the aft deck 2016 Var Hence the search for a room was a little more difficult and soon to a reservoir of concern. Otherwise Mr. usually occupies repairs ! Some parts begin to be pricey for our liking and we plan to move to a house on wheels years 90.

    For insurance, taking the minimum is a personal choice that we assume. I remain convinced that this means we pay less when we have a concern (230€ example of towing) rather than paying the full insurance each year. We know that if our house is burning, we have nothing and have to start from scratch. This remaining material. 🙂

    For kilometers, this varies greatly ! Next if we work or are a tourist fashion, to the last I would say that we can do between 100 and 200 kilometers a day, but we can also make 50 if we find something interesting to visit or a cool place to stay a few days.

    We did a lot of corners in France and this is surely where we move more, We also crossed a few times Belgium and Luxembourg, stayed in the bottom of the Netherlands, spent a few months in Scotland…

    That's what we did until now, using the address of someone who has no income and have therefore not taxable, and exempt from housing tax. But if it happens that my income or my companion become taxable, then the person with whom we are domiciled have to pay this tax. That's why I want to study the possibility of declaring a motorhome as primary habitat.

  58. Hello and still whoua for your blog…
    My name is Anthony and I have 64 Spring is my asset,and there it is I pass the dark side ,I start mode C.C.
    My choice just a change in my life and the opportunity to live a desire was there…J have knocked a lot whether motorcycle or race walk,Now I can deepen my curiosity ,visit more places peacefully or I moved too fast without a time constraint or places of lodging
    Also I took a bike ,I will put myself in a place and scanned the area with peace of mind…Like many I was asking myself and asking myself still many questions except whether or not I had to do it…When we made this choice ,c is that it already has one side ” adventurer ” ,the adventure ,the unknown cause us to exceed us too ..A ponder almost nothing we do ever…A good shot of adrenaline sometimes c is sympa..Je am surprised by the choice made by young people from twenty année..je told them there will darken,this can you enrichir..Bon otherwise I've had a lot of answers to some questions by reading
    The problem is that we live in a country where PROHIBITED are legion,or what lifestyle choices put us in the eyes of ” good thinking ” the marginal bench
    Go and hope I finish reading you still often or exchange of future fighters was soon on our byways…
  59. Super ! We know that some people follow us, but we are always very happy to be a bit readers to change ! 😀 Le vélo en plus du camping-car c’est parfait, it allows to park a bit away and then pedaling where we want.

    Do not hesitate to contact us by email or post here and there on the site, whether for questions or just cuckoos ! 😉

    Good start to the itinerant life !

  60. Hello I want to live in a camper in the year next month it would be to see how it goes for electricity because my camper I intend to buy and a Ford Transit 1992 and you have no solar panel is the only concern that scares me?
  61. We started with a small solar panel as stated in the FAQ (under the second point), which only fed water pump, the lights were plugged into the circuit of the camper (2 batteries.) We lived well for seven years. It was only last summer that we have invested around € 400 for a 100W panel and a gel battery 100Ah (with cables, regulators, etc.)
  62. Hello,
    I live in DC since the year 6 years and I can add these two small details :

    * CAUTION council tax of person domiciled you can increase, even if you are not taxable. In my case, I'm not taxable but yet my income is automatically added to those of my mother who declares me up, and housing tax is thereby higher.
    (Info given at the beginning of all these posts is false)

    * Macif assures me, with a bonus 40% I am the third to € 130 per year.
    In all risk is no more than 500 € per year.
    My DC was purchased 4,500 €, while the third is justified, but for a DC 10.000 or more it does not worth to deprive the All Risk.

    Hi !
    and good winds all curious

  63. Thank you for the accuracy of the housing tax, the article was published accordingly.
    As for insurance, I guess this is as a vehicle for commuting / work + leisure motorhome is insured ? Not like main house as some have posed the question.

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