“Departures should be sudden.” Benjamin Disraeli

Photot TNT Cleaning

And it is ! A year has passed since our quick return on the Côte d'Azur, the summer season has crumbled its warm degrees pace notes from rock cover band Dog & Bone Ronald joined. Winter has found us in Antibes, working to fulfill our moneybags and melody of the summer was to resume right before our escape plans towards the Iberian countries. Only here, the one-year record in the Alpes Maritimes is not wondrous : three burglaries, two VPs for having parked where we had as much right as other vehicles (for more information on parking motorhome France you can see page specially created here), a court summons of proximity, that agree with us, could change anything illegal bylaw, one draining point (paying) for miles around…

We decided it was time to go somewhere else and leave Cannes this week. This is just the warm-up lap, since June wedding keeps us in the region. Never mind, I have just one month to build this new site out of nothing ! I have a head full of ideas and try to implement them gradually, remisant TNT archives. I speak of course website, and not the motorhome, that here disguised as Christmas tree for its large pre-departure cleaning !

Photot TNT Cleaning
TNT Version christmas

8 Comments on ““Departures should be sudden.” Benjamin Disraeli”

  1. Travel shapes the young, whether on the road or in his head, or in her heart. I know for you, it is therefore a triple 'trip'. You will share these beautiful moments, and we appreciate the sharing and moments. So .. sail, sail and made us dream again…
    Uncle Marc
  2. Although sad I try to rejoice in the good time that you will take and the pleasure you will give freedom, the adventure and the discovery of new landscapes

    lots of kisses Nanou

  3. Après ces péripéties nous vous souhaitons bon vent pour votre prochain périple. La péninsule ibérique n’est pas une terre inconnue pour nous mais nous serons heureux de vous suivre. Affectueusement.
  4. Nous ne partons pas vers le Sud pour l’instant, il fait bien trop chaud ! Nous prévoyons plutôt de monter dans les latitudes nord ou en altitude pour se mettre au frais !
  5. Ahah eh ben ! quel déballage ! Bon courage et bon voyage ! J’espère que la technologie te permettra de rester en contact facilement ! 😉
  6. Et toi bon courage pour le boulot ! Hehe… T’inquiètes, Zazou tient la barre et reste sur le pont ! 😀

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