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TS – Travelling Spirit so ! – is registered in Western Australia, si c’est la registration – equivalent of the French registration, mixed with our old vignettes – the cheapest and the easiest to renew, it is mandatory to have an anti-theft – electronical immobiliser. Not knowing if we have a, We made an appointment Thursday 15 January Autobarn – equivalent Norauto – but yesterday we discovered an electronic box under the driver's seat and a red blinking light inside the dashboard. This 190$ of savings ! As we are in the neighborhood Airport West, we'll have coffee with Amélie, a French expatriate who I met through forum Australia Australie and that helped me a lot to understand the Australian system for the purchase of a car.

A jump BIP Toyota to a missing part of the jack – they give us free – and we went for a ride heating, direction le départ de la Great Ocean Road. We stop just before the town of Torquay on a rest area where German is already installed we will see later pitch their tent on the small patch of grass in area, we removing our concerns as to unfold the roof tent. After invert both tires to have more or less the same wear and tear on the same axle – pending the purchase of two tires – we join a group of young French, a Norwegian and a Swedish for an evening beer pong for some, hot dog for others, music and sharing for everyone.

16 janvier - 10h51

Anglesea beach

16 janvier - 11h10

Cormorants at Point Addis

I, it is almost two o'clock when I hear that you're gone and I can not go back to be with our loved ones. As they have told me and as I thought, you wish the continuous journey. So this little bit that follows, on this great and beautiful road, it is first for you. A road built by hand by some three thousand soldiers and sailors returning from the First World War in honor of their comrades dead.

16 janvier - 10h50

Surfers at Bells Beach

16 janvier - 11h09

Unstable cliffs

In the morning it is also equally cold in Britain and is well covered, cap on the ears I drink tea watching the sun rise. We do some shopping in Torquay, city ​​where surf brands were born Rip Curl and Quicksilver – Here that may interest some of my cousin(e)s 🙂 – until the information center opens its doors 10 hours. We turn off Bells Beach, known for its surfing competition : the Rip Curl Pro and to be a place where scenes from the movie Point Break were filmed. As many references that surely will talk to surfers, we observe in any one of a cliff outside of town.

16 janvier - 11h33


16 janvier - 11h20

Ronald à Red Rocks Beach

16 janvier - 11h19

Man against nature

16 janvier - 11h16

Four walkers

Point Maritime National Park Addis we descend walking on a beach named Red Rocks, if we do not find the red rocks, I find a moment of peace.

16 janvier - 12h26

Split Point Lighthouse

16 janvier - 14h50

Cascade d'Erskine

It is under the Split Point Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet we take the first meal in our new house. Later we pass under the memorial of the Great Ocean Road. A wooden arch erected at the side of a statue – The Diggers – representing two men trying to build the road. At Lorne we drive ten kilometers into the interior to visit the Erskine Falls : not as impressive as the Cascades of Hedgehog in the Jura but they are worth a look, puis un tour au Teddy’s Lookout : un joli panorama sur la Great Ocean Road. A coffee break Wongarra where as all along the Great Ocean Road vegetation conceals small half hidden paths leading to very beautiful beaches, despite the weather, which is beginning to be threatening.

16 janvier - 16h30

Beaches GOR

16 janvier - 16h31

Landscape of the GOR

La pluie nous rattrape à Apollo Bay où après un plein de diesel nous décidons d’arrêter notre route, the Twelve Apostles will be for next time. We must be in Deer Park tomorrow morning to buy tires. Considerations very down to earth after that day to mixed emotions.

A dirt road takes us to the heart of a forest of the Great Otway National Park where we experience our first free area at the edge of a river, near the Stevenson drops.

The sky and my heart are granted : they cry.

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  1. A loved one has to go. Comment exprimer par de simples mots la grande émotion et l’infinie tristesse que tu peux ressentir au fond de ton cœur !Il faut s’armer de courage et ne penser qu’au bons souvenirs qui nous restent et qui font revivre nos chers disparus.
    Les paysages que tu visites sont magnifiques et leur vue doit d’amener un peu d’apaisement.
    Bisous à tous les deux
  2. Merci Monette. Ce cheminement au bord du Détroit de Bass était plus que bienvenu, la grandeur des paysages permet de s’échapper tout en restant sur Terre. Kisses.
  3. J’aime aussi beaucoup ce titre ..Mimi !! Presque un mois déjà et tes écrits font remonter mes émotions. Je touche encore plus du doigt ton ressenti du moment. Mais comme tu le dis si bien, une telle nature, de si beaux paysages autour de toi permettent de voyager ..

    Un ami féru et expert en photo a trouvé ta photo, hommage à ta grand mère, très belle et très réussie photographiquement parlant !!

  4. Elle mérite au moins un titre juste pour elle. We continue to travel and as time in Tasmania, Emotions range from sun to rain.

    Thank you for your friend. 🙂

  5. Hélas oui ! Au prix d’achat, nous avons fait une concession ! Ronald préfère conduire des boîtes manuelles, et je souhaite passer ici le permis sur boîte manuelle également ou de retour en France je ne pourrais conduire que ta voiture et celle de mon père ! 😀

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